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PRIVATE Helicopter San Francisco Tour – R66

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Aerial Photography in San Francisco

Whether you’re an amateur looking to build your portfolio or a professional with a specific shot list, Bay Aerial offers a variety of unique aerial photo options to consider,  frome a drone to a R44 to professionals most requested choice, the Robinson R66 helicopter. The modern design of the R66 allows for an incredibly capable, stable and cost effective platform for aerial photography, film work and videography. Flying in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, this aircraft offers the best performance, smoothest ride, and amazing  stability for photo and filmwork. We have photographers from all over the world that come specifically for this quality service.

Bay Aerial offers our professional photographer or videographer a safe, door off, (camera operator only, on-board) policy. Our pilots are thorough, efficient, and intimately knowledgable of the San Francisco geography, lighting, weather and travel times to and from a givin location. Because of company policy, no additional passengers are allowed on the “Professional Photo Flights”. This allows for a focused, and safe working environment. Bay Aerial’s policy is based on a one hr minimum rate. We fly as efficiently as possible to assist the operators shotlist/workload and maximize the flight time. All photo locations and altitudes must be approved by Bay Aerial in advance.

Photo Flights

Subject to availability, ONE profesional photographer only.

$950 for full hour, $1050 for night flights, $600 for every half hour (after initial first hour). 

All photo flights are operated with the photographer on the right side, behind the pilot. We do this for the following reasons:

  1. This allows the pilot to have the same view as the photographer.
  2. The pilot can clear blades from photo frames much easier with this view.
  3. No tail rotor on the right side ensures a safer operation as less chance of objects exiting cockpit and hitting tail rotor.
  4. Right turns are power saving turns and offer increased performance.
  5. More stable for cameras near the rotor mast and allows for bonus work space on the left rear seat.
  6. Prevents bags, straps and equipment from interfering with the pilot and control panels.

Pilot fee for 2 hrs or more is an additional $250.

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Video & Film Support Service

 Please call for more info, equipment availability and formal quotes.

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The Northern California Coastline and The San Francisco Bay Area are well known for scenic skylines, iconic sites and the ever changing dramatic weather. At one moment the fog will be cascading over the coastal mountains, and the next moment, the sun will be lighting the bay like a show room. It is unique like no other location.

The beaches, coastal mountains, and winding coastal roads offer limitless possibilities with ideal backdrops for your  storyboard and film production. There are many ways to approach your needs so take a moment to understand the options that we can offer. Our Film Services are flexible. You can use your own camera, gyro stabilizer, and camera operators. If you do not have them, we offer those services as well.

We cover simple handheld video camera needs all the way to bench mount gyro systems and then on to our ultimate high end remote joystick operated Cineflex gyro stabilized 5 axis gimbal with choices of Sony 1500 2k, or the RED EPIC 4K, 5K, 6K  and even 8k camera. We also offer 25-250mm & 50-1000mm lens with a 1.5 extender for a true and unique 1500mm long lens option.

Entry level (dslr) is an inexpensive option and sometimes a sufficient option, However, it has zoom limitations due to the lack of stabilization. For a few more dollars you can step up to another option that offers increased capabilities with a noticeable ease of operation which will produce a higher levels of quality. Call for more info and we will assist in any way we can.

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