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Corporate Gift Cards

Bonuses, Gifts, Incentives, Rewards, or even Team Building ideas,

These unique HELICOPTER CARDS allow Corporate Headquarters or Team managers to reward employees that have met a deadline, exceeded a goal, created a stratigic alliance or maybe just cater to a visiting client. To have accessibility to a local helicopter operator is amazing and liberating. The cards can be used for gifts or rewards either way it is an awesome program. Whether its goals, incentives, golf, wineries, gifts or bonuses, these cards also provide access to a unique one hour tours over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tours, Wineries, Events,  We have experienced local pilots with interesting, historical knowledge and great flight routing ideas for your afternoon or event. We combine our unique helicopter aerial experience with the beauty of the Silicon Valley, coastline, San Francisco, and the Bay Area and you end up with an amazing ride. Do you foresee sending clients or employees to the wine country for relaxing or entertainment ? These cards can be used for these amazing tours, unique photo opportunities, wineries, half day trips or even full day trips. Visit the beautiful coastline, Monterey, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe. Flying in an airplane offers none of a helicopters charm, the visibility in a helicopter is second to none.

A simple one hour flight can amaze, yet relax, and likely increase productivity through a creative and stimulating experience. Certainly it will stimulate social networking.

The cards work like this – just purchase a 5, 10, 20, or a 50 hour card, and using that specific card code, any qualifying employee or individual can utilise this “punch” card for a tour.  Each card has a one year expiration date, but can be rolled over to the next year following the “terms and conditions”agreement.

Each flight can accommodate up to 4 passengers (Size anWeight restrictions do apply) Our base location is at the San Carlos Airport offering a very accessible centrally located geographical base of operations.

R66 Turbine Helicopter – carries up to 4 passenger, regular price- $1200 per hour

Discount Cards:

5  hr card- $5250= normally $1200 pr hr–up to 20 passengers handled
10 hr card- $9,500=normally $1200 pr hr–up to 40 passengers handled
20 hr card -$18,000=Normally $1200 pr hr-up to 80 passengers handled
Flight Rules, Weight regulations and weather may restrictions apply,

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