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 Bay Aerial  – Refund Policy

All flight reschedules and refunds, are subject to the following conditions:

Cancellation Policies:

  • Booking Cancellation with Less than 24 hrs notice results in a 50% refund.
  • Booking Cancellations with Less than 48 hrs notice results in a $200 admin fee.
  • Refund requests after original date has passed / after reschedules (advised by Bay Aerial staff or not) /or after 6 months has past since booking, are subject to a $250 fee*.
  • All reschedules = NO additional fees
  • NO call- No show-  NO refund.
  • NO refunds after verbal agreement to reschedule
  • ANY other refund not described above will be subject to a $150 admin fee. *

Weather related refunds, cancellations, and reschedules:*
The safety and comfort based decision “to fly” or “not to fly”  is made by the pilot on the day of the flight.  We can usually always fly, but the advertised tour will be modified / limited, even with marginal weather it can still be quite unique and beautiful. Sometimes due to storms, clouds, fog, or wind our described normal route may need to be other than expected /  altered, postponed or even rescheduled. We always respect the safety and comfort of our clients when weather is involved and advise accordingly.

For those desiring to reschedule due to marginal weather, we are happy to oblige at no additional coast.  We want you to have a memorable ride and see the Bay Area at its best.  And because you live here, visit frequently, or maybe have a few days on your trip, you have the potential to reschedule.  

The weather doesn’t always cooperate and can look “marginal” on the day of your tour but that doesn’t mean it is unflyable. Please call for updates, At Bay Aerial we strive to be flexible and transparent and If applicable, we may suggest a reschedule of your flight to make sure you and your party are able to relax and enjoy the smoothest flight and best visibility possible. Again, this doesn’t mean the original fight time is unflyable, but we are suggesting/advising another time may offer possibly better weather for an even better experience.

IN TOWN Local Clients

If you are locally based and your confirmed (paid in full) booking must be rescheduled due to weather issues, then we are more than happy to accommodate you at no additional charge. However, if you decide to cancel and refund your booking in lieu of rescheduling. Then a $200 non-refundable cancellation fee will be applied.  The fee does not affect or apply those who are willing to reschedule, even more than once, for more favorable weather. *

Out Of Town Visitors

For those clients from out of town, we also understand you might be time limited and we will reschedule you while you are here and if unable we will refund you* if weather forces no options. Normally we will have flight options to give you an amazing aerial experience while you are here in San Francisco. 

Please understand, In order to provide you with the best possible experience, we at Bay Aerial make sure to assess the weather frequently, maintain the proper staff on-site for each booking, and because this service is weather dependent quite a bit of time and effort is spent on weather research, predictions, phone calls, preparation, scheduling, rescheduling and pilot staffing / standby. We go to great lengths to offer you current applicable information so that you can ultimately enjoy a great ride and a comfortable experience.

Gift certificates are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash value (unless amount is less than $10 as per Cal regs). However, they carry no expiration date and are completely transferable.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for choosing Bay Aerial. 

Our aim is to deliver an amazing experience through professional and safe practices. If we reschedule you, it is for YOUR benefit, possibly for better, smoother, or more enjoyable weather or timing. Please understand, We are not interested in delivering an average or mediocre ride, we want to deliver a truly memorable experience !

* upon approval