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Other SF Bay Area Helicopter “Tour” Companies

FYI, Do yourself a favor and do your due diligence.  As anyone can claim to be an experienced business operator online, a tour operator, or even a helicopter operator.

Apparently You don’t even need a helicopter to claim to be a “Helicopter Tour Operator”.  3rd party bookers from across the country are booking clients and selling helicopter tours.  They book the unsuspecting clients, then call the real operator in the appropriate city for the actual tour and availability. These third party bookers know nothing of the local tours they are offering. They explain nothing to the client they just booked with.  The client unknowingly is subject to any and all issues that may be realized through incorrect booking info, lack of communication, lack of policy info, and no weather updates.

The internet allows for this kind of fraudulent representation and content that is a ultimately a mis-representation of our industry. This financially affects the client and further affects the real businesses.  As it undermines those genuine local operators.

We at Bay Aerial take pride in offering an genuine tour for a honest value.  It has taken us 18 years and we are still learning, and looking to improve our offering for an even better experience.  We prefer to be honest and transparent about our operations and availability.  We assist our customers with scheduling, weather information and we are flexible when changes need to be made.  So if interested please give us a call to hear our local knowledge first hand.  Hear an honest representation of our the industry in San Francisco.

Furthermore, in the helicopter tour space a warning is necessary, as “tour operators” pop up and disappear, they come and go.  With little warning and sometimes little experience.  These new companies will claim to know how a service is offered, even very little time in business.  When in comparison, and after 18 years, we at Bay Aerial is still learning and refining the process to better serve our customers.

Just because one company charges more money does not make them better, or mean they have a better tour.  And the opposite applies as well, just because a company is less expensive doesn’t mean its a better deal.

Discounts and half off coupons basically mean you will receive a shortened tour or an incomplete routing.  Check out the offering and make an educated decision.  After all, your experience and the experience of your friends or family depends on it.

So again, please do your due diligence and research the helicopter touring companies that you are thinking of.  Be sure they have experience, local knowledge and more than a few months in business.

Check the reviews and maybe speak with other related companies to cross reference what you are hearing.