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SF Helicopter Tours Booking FAQ

PRIVATE Helicopter San Francisco Tour – R66

Please see answers to common payment and booking questions below. If you have any questions that aren’t covered on this page, problems or concerns, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Although we have included a very simple booking and payment process on our website, we are still available by phone for a personal conversation and to answer your questions. So call us if you would like otherwise, If you are ready, please proceed to “Book Now” and check for availability.

Q) What is current weather and predictions?

Call in for latest weather updates.


Q) What is the availability, weather policy and the hours of operation?    

A) Bay Aerial is open by reservation only and weather permitting of course. Please click the “book now” button to see our calendar  for availability. You may email for more info as well, before payment is made. If a tour is reserved and payment has been made, Bay Aerial requires the client to call 650-281-8282 approximately 1-2 hrs in advance of tour for weather check. If you do not call your tour may be cancelled.  If weather cancels a tour we will reschedule at your convenience.

Q) How much does a Tour cost?

A) Our R66 special discounted Tour Rate is $900 per hour, for up to 2 passengers all inclusive, $1050 for 3 passengers and $1200 for 4 passengers. and we offer a full one hour.  We do not offer half hour tours,  And… we can only accommodate max 4 passengers per flight in our new R66, size and weight restrictions may still apply, best 3 adults and a child or slimer individual, please call for more info. Oh… and by the way there is nothing standard about our tours, they should be called “Awesome” Tours !!!

Q) How do I pay? 

A) We process our payments securely through a booking program. It is a similar service as PayPal and just as secure.  Please make use of the GREEN  buttons on the bottom of the TOUR page for your Payments, an instant receipt will be generated and sent to you. Alternatively you may call in for booking.

Q) What payment methods do you accept? 

A) We’re able to process payment from any major Credit Card or Debit Card through our booking program. Please call in for additional booking savings or click the GREEN  “BOOK NOW” button, and simply enter your card details into the payment form, and receive booking confirmation and an instant receipt.

Q) Are alternate forms of payment available? Can I pay on-location? 

A) Please Contact Us and we’ll try to accommodate any special payment needs you may have.

Q) What is the maximum passenger weight allowed.

A) In the R66 helicopter 290 lbs is the maximum allowable weight per individual seat as per the helicopter manufacturer. If you have someone in your group close to this weight please let us know for our weight and balance calculations. 750 LBS is the maximum combined weight of all the occupants/passengers.

Q) What is the minimum age of children allowed ?

A) All Children are welcome but may fall asleep. Some young (2 yrs approx) children can get restless and can dominate the cockpit with noise and this is not recommended. Depending on child, over 6 years old is a great age to start. Anything less and ear protection as well as other things must be considered. Please call for insight.

Q) What is the Heli Pad address or the meeting place  for the tour?

A) Bay Aerial customer meeting location is at 815 Skyway rd Unit 81 San Carlos, Ca 94070

Q) What about possible bad weather ? 

A) If marginal weather occurs we will reschedule your tour  at your convenience. Bay Aerial requires that all clients call 1-2 hours in advance of reservation for a weather and equipment check. We watch webcams and satellite images for the most accurate indicators of our daily weather. We want you to have clear weather and safe flight.

Q) What about the “contracts”? Will this affect my booking ?

A) Bay Aerial has previously entered into several contract obligations that may at the  last minute conflict with tour operations. These are public safety related and we hope you understand. ie. PowerLine patrol, animal control and herding, and emergency search, The result is, It may be necessary to reschedule tours in order to fulfill these contract terms. This rarely occurs but has arisen aprrox twice a year for the last 20 years. There is no extra charges and we will reschedule at our clients convienence, Thank you again for your understanding. Please call for more info if necessary.

Local Industry FACT:
The web is getting worse with deception, fraud and convoluted 3rd party bookers, PLEASE be diligent in your tour search and dont fall into the traps set by deceiving tour operators with cramped little airplanes with limited visibility and bumpy rides with possible motion sickness !!!

Dont get fooled by the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of a GroupOn listing or an out of town operator that dosen’t know the area.

Local Industry FACT:

There is only 2 legit helicopter tour companies in The San Francisco Area.  BAY AERIAL is one of them.

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