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Welcome to Bay Aerial – San Francisco’s Leading Helicopter Tour Company

Bay Aerial is San Francisco’s leader in private Helicopter Tours and Photo & Film Aerial Services. We have more than 15 years of experience providing amazing aerial experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area. With experienced and professional pilots, state -of-the-art equipment, and an unblemished safety record, we are the the true “local’s choice” for incredible helicopter adventures.

Jaw-Dropping views make Amazing Helicopter Tours

We’re the true local experts in San Francisco Helicopter Tours. If you’re planning an amazing birthday, anniversary, proposal, or corporate event, or just a unique outing, our tours combine beautiful views and the excitement of helicopter flight with the safety and reliability of a true professional.

Our helicopter tours include all major sights and attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area, including: San Francisco city skyline, historic Alcatraz Island, The Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Tiburon, Angel Island, Palace of Fine Arts, The Presidio, Golden Gate Park, awesome coastal views, cliff caves, dolphins, seals and maybe even whales!

Other flight options include photo flights to or around the Napa Valley and the Vineyards, Sacramento River Delta or beautiful Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. They all offer eye-opening entertainment and truly unforgettable scenic views, all from the comfort, and safety of our modern helicopters.

Aerial Photography, Video, and More

Do you need an aerial photographer? Or professional aerial videographer? Are you a production house and need film support, assistance with shot lists like skyline scenics, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, boats, city waterfront footage? We offer any level of production you might need. From operators, cameras, mounts, downlinks, helicopters to production trucks. Contact us for more info.

For the professional photographer, or videographer interested in city skylines, bridges, coastline, real estate, commercial or residential, scenic or architectural, whatever you choose, with our stable aerial helicopter platform you will be sure to have unlimited angles and unique and solid results.

The Benefits of Helicopters

To get the most from your aerial tours or photography, the right aircraft and an experienced pilot is a must. We feel that our affordably priced Robinson R44 Helicopter offers by far the most comfortable and safe platform for Tours, Film, Video, and Photography. Our pilots are 20 year locals with a great deal of local knowledge as well as flight experience.

Differences between helicopter and airplane rides:
->Helicopters: amazing unmatched visibility, lower altitudes, better routing, smooth, fun, comfortable flight. slightly Higher rates.
->Airplanes: limited visibility, small cockpit, higher altitudes, limited routing, bumpy flight. Feeling nauseous is not what you want. slightly Lower rates.

Be aware of "discount" operators or flight schools using airplanes. These are usually operated with low time pilots that are "building time". These "discounted" rates have an inflated price to start with and are then supposedly "discounted", so in the end, the rate is NOT discounted at all.Furthermore for photography, small helicopters (R22) are "nervous" and wind affected, unstable and yes a little cheaper, but "not worth it" in the words of actual clients.Again, Don't get fooled by inexperienced flight schools filling downtime, or the cheaper and unstable "R22", or a "drone", they won't deliver the broadcast quality shot you seek.

Fly With the Local Experts - No Middlemen!

At Bay Aerial, we are the true local experts. We are not a company who copies other companies names to get business, we are not a booking company, we are not a middleman, a broker, or a daily deals ripoff. We are the real helicopter company, with an actual fleet and real, experienced and dedicated pilots. Don’t be fooled by imitators! Although you’ll find lots of results online for helicopter tour companies, (some using airplanes) only a few are actually the real deal. We offer honest, real services with straight and fair pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

15 Years of Incident-Free Flight

When you choose Bay Aerial Services, you’re choosing a real company with a 15 year record of safe flight. We are F.A.A licenced, with extremely experienced pilots and modern, safe equipment. Working with Bay Aerial is the safest way to enjoy the helicopter experience.

Some “competitive” companies don’t take safety as seriously as we do! Many companies claiming to offer aerial tours are actually flight schools filing downtime. In these cases, you’ll be flying with inexperienced pilots who don’t actually specialize in tours. Bay Aerial is different: we are the real tour provider, not a flight school, and our business is built on providing high quality flights with a focus on safety.

Fly With Confidence - Choose the Real Deal!

->Ranked as "The BEST Helicopter Tours" in the Bay Area by CBS News.
->Honest, fair, and consistent pricing - no ripoff deals and fake discounts.
->All of our guests enjoy a window seat on each and every flight.
->Real touring helicopters - the R44 is stable, safe, and comfortable.
->We are centrally located in San Francisco.
->Owner owned and operated by a true SF Bay Area local.
->F.A.A licensed commercial pilots with thousands of hours of experience.
->Licensed limousine services and other amenities available on request.
->Unparalleled flight efficiency, tour routing, and photographic insight.
->Our helicopters are serviced and maintained regularly by licensed factory trained engineers.

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Serving the Bay Area for Over 15 Years

Bay Aerial is proud to have served the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years. With our heliport conveniently & centrally located mid peninsula at the San Carlos, Airport we are able to offer an unmatched one hour Helicopter Adventure.

Our experienced team combines professionalism, local knowledge, fun, and safety to ensure that your helicopter experience is everything that you're looking for. Honesty and safety are our two best traits. Come visit us and see why a local owner/operator business can be the best kept secret experience of the Bay Area.

Unforgettable Helicopter Tours

Bay Aerial offers stunning helicopter tours of the San Francisco Bay Area region, and beyond. Tour all your favorite SF attractions, or go outside the city and explore scenic Northern California.

Our team knows the best destinations and most exciting views, and we combine our industry-leading safety practices with fun and adventure. Perfect for that amazing experience, couples, and families, our Helicopter Tours are an accessible and affordable activity you won't soon forget.

Additional Helicopter Services

Bay Aerial's local Geographic knowledgable, experience and well equipped service is available to offer a unique experience to a wide range of professionals, including film support, photography, helicopter survey, livestock and wild game counts, pipeline patrol, helicopter sales consultation, and more.

Our team offers the utmost in experience, professionalism and flexibility, ensuring that your helicopter service needs will be met and exceeded. Please Contact Us to learn more about our diverse capabilities and services.